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We still have so much to be thankful for

Like so many other celebrations since the beginning of the pandemic, Thanksgiving will be different this year and I know (heard) that for many it could be hard to feel thankful right now…..but I promise you that continuing to practice gratitude & kindness will help. So I’ll start and I’d like to thank: My spouse […]

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Zumba Fundraiser

I am sure that you experience the same feeling, that sense of accomplishment and well-being when your workout results in a good deed.  Every year, thousands of people participate in Wheel 2 Heal, PMC Science Fair Fun Run and Walk with the Dragon in order to support a cause close to their hearts. The combination of a fun and effective workout […]

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“Beyond Philanthropy” How Businesses Can Build Healthy Communities

The Royal Columbian Hospital Foundation interview this morning with Tamara Vrooman, Vancity President & Chief Executive Officer, was insightful. Unbelievably, I had not heard Vrooman speak before and I was blown away by her ability to clearly express the Vancity mandate and vision. Vrooman’s interview reinforced my belief that every company should contemplate building sustainable businesses […]

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