Stripper parody and improv anyone?

I’ve never been to a strip club nor a strip show! Raised in a small town of France, my friend’s bachelorette parties could be considered more low key compared to those in North America which means that I haven’t had the opportunity to enjoy some « exotic » entertainment.

The Comic Strippers shows coming up in Coquitlam on May 19th and 20th are not described as your typical sexy dance or poll performances and I have no doubt that we are in for a fabulous time.

When I heard that the fictitious male stripper troupe was back at the Evergreen Cultural Center, it took me no time to organize tickets and to make sure that those who needed fun distractions, received their invitations.

I have promised my friends to keep my lips tight and refrain from clapping throughout the show but I have a feeling that it might be harder than expected. The Comic Strippers have a reputation for perfecting the art of making nerdy naughty into a form of sexy while bringing a hilarious twist to improv sketches that will probably arouse the entire audience.

Tickets are only $35, I encourage those who don’t have any plans on the 19 or 20th to click HERE and reserve your spot now.

We are never too many to have fun!!

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