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A Stirring Reflection on Love, Violence, and Resilience

Last night, I went to see the performance of “Echoes from Far Away Cities” at the Evergreen Theater, and I am sure that like me the audience was captivated by the brilliance of the play Echoes – a production that delves deep into the harrowing realities of domestic violence. While the acting may have had […]

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Stepping into Empowerment: A Night of Astonishment at The Shoe Project Play at the BMO Theatre

Last night, I had the privilege of attending The Shoe Project play, presented by the Pacific Immigrant Resources Society (PIRS). As the website promised, the event truly showcased the superpower of stories. Immigrant and refugee women, under the guidance of professional writing and theatre coaches, shared their personal stories, each intricately woven around a pair […]

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Te Tangi a te Tūī’s acrobatic stories of Māori

The world premiere of “Te Tangi a te Tūī” at the York Theatre on October 19th was an unforgettable experience. This Indigenous language and oral storytelling-driven circus-theatre piece, commissioned by The Cultch and Urban Ink, left a profound impact. It successfully blended artistry, culture, and an emotional narrative. The show felt raw, true, and divine, […]

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A Night of Artistic Marvels

Every year, the Splash Art Auction preview and artist appreciation event at the Pendulum Gallery is a highlight on my calendar. It’s a night filled with exquisite art, fascinating conversations, and a shared love for creativity. However, this year’s event surpassed all expectations, leaving me with an overwhelming urge to share my experience. The evening […]

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