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Poignant & Sobering

We have all heard that travelling is the only thing that you buy that makes you richer and it’s so true! Travelling satisfies your curiosity on so many levels and after a journey of three weeks in the Balkan peninsula, we came back with vibrant memories, new friends and aspirational travel plans. What I wasn’t […]

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If only we could all sing like Pink!

I write this, nearly 48 hours after the P!nk concert has ended and there’s still a ringing in my ears and I find myself humming her tunes all day long.  I’ve always liked Pink’s music and most importantly her vocals but I had never considered myself a fan until….. the release of “Just give me a reason”. I […]

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A tour worth taking

Friday Sept 29 was the discovery of Metro Vancouver’s summer Asian food destination, the Richmond Night Market. Hundreds of different street-style gourmet eats, which included everything from classic dim sum to Asian-style tacos, bubble tea, K–yangneom to deep fried cheesecake, and much more. Richmond, a suburb of Vancouver, has a very large Asian population whose active community started a […]

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