Fraser Valley Food Truck Festival Returned to Port Moody!

Canada’s Food Truck scene has grown over the last few years. While it’s become pretty well established in Vancouver, I had not yet made it to a Food Truck Festival.

The array of food trucks that I saw last summer at the Food Cart Fest in Vancouver or even the Columbia StrEAT Food Cart Fest in New Westminster got me curious ! The mobile food industry has changed since it first started and although it doesn’t allow for much culinary creativity, it has become one of the trendiest way to eat-on-the-go. Coming from a country where food is steeped in richness and meals are two-hours long, I had a difficult time understanding the chic impression that the food truck industry developed. Attending the Fraser Valley Food Truck Festival in Port Moody on 2 April 2017 was the perfect opportunity to investigate and get my own perspective on this type of gathering.

Hanging out in the fresh air, ordering food from a truck windows while music played in the background was indeed charming, unique and an enjoyable experience, but not quite my favorite. Perhaps a festival on a hot & sunny day, right by the water and with a large group of friends would change my frame of reference but I actually think that my biggest disappointment was the fact that we weren’t able to try more than the two dishes we ordered – even if I made sure to take the smallest portion of bœuf bourguignon. Taster meal sizes would make sense for festival participants as I am sure I was not the only one slobbering for a small taste of all the many different type of cuisine available there.