Small Action Big Impact

Earth Hour began in 2007 and has grown into a global event with millions of participants. Supporters partake by switching off non-essential lights for one hour as a symbolic show of concern for the environment.

Those of you who know me, know that I am often more committed to economic growth (which sometimes means, without always understanding the consequences, that natural resources need to be tapped) than being an environmentalist. Having said this, for the past 10 years I look forward to Earth Hour as it is my way and my time to acknowledge that climate change is an issue and part of the solution lies in sustained collaborative action at all levels: international, national and local.

If you are one of those people who criticize the Earth Hour initiative and believe that an hour can’t make a difference, well, you are probably right! Earth Hour is not about saving electricity or becoming green. The event is there to remind us the importance of energy conservation and that we all have a personal responsibility to minimize our carbon footprint. Small things add up and sometimes can count.

Tomorrow is that time of the year where my spouse and I will have a cold “aperitif” style dinner, pour a full-bodied decanted red wine before sinking into a warm romantic candlelit bath and chat for hours. Like many others, we take upon ourselves to continue reducing electricity throughout the night so we don’t look at the time and often we end up in bed reading stories to each other.

If like me, you’d like to join this collective “fight” against climate change and you simply don’t know what to do in the dark for an hour, here are some pointers:

  1. Have a candlelit dinner with friends & family
  2. Go on your patio or in your garden with the kids and look at the stars
  3. Have a romantic candlelight bath. A great way to experience relaxation and intimacy with a partner 😉
  4. Connect/Chat – Earth Hour can be a great time to reflect. This is a time to be disconnected from technology and have a moment to just talk with your people
  5. Play games – nothing better than a board games night by candlelight
  6. Light up a bonfire in the backyard and treat yourself with the Canadian classic, a slightly warm s’mores
  7. Or for those who like a good night sleep (and I know many of you do!!), don’t hold back and simply go to bed at 8:30 pm tomorrow night

So please remember to “switch off” in solidarity with global efforts. Earth Hour is not a hype, it’s a symbol that acknowledges that we are aware of the snowy springs, that the temperature can be scorching in autumn, that our summer precipitations’ are larger than ever while icebergs are melting. Don’t hesitate and be a part of it!

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