Feeling like an exciting outdoor adventure, I might have an idea

Biking season has officially begun. I didn’t know this but I felt it!

The good weather over the Easter weekend pushed me to think outside the box. I wanted to find an outdoor activity that was made for two, fun, accessible and that embraced nature. This was when a cycling adventure came to mind as I remembered our lovely time riding the Boundary Bay Trail a couple of years ago. My best memory from this experience was the quality time. The time spent with each other, the time spent with nature and the time spent exploring somewhere new. I love hiking (always have!) but I have to say that cycling has something special. It allows you to cover larger distances which lets you discover more. The landscape keeps changing, the smells alter, the ground varies, the sounds fluctuate etc.

So last Friday, I decided to explore our cycling options and ended on this amazing website “Let’s Go Biking” which seems to have it all covered! It can be easy to get overwhelmed when researching places to bike in BC, and I believe this site could help you too. If you, like me, are still new at this type of activity, I would suggest to start by looking for paths and trails that are around your neighborhood or even around the corner and most importantly, paths that are easy and flat. You wouldn’t want to get discourage from the get-go, would you?

I have been on a few walks on Colony Farm land and its substantial size (260 hectares) had me convinced that much more needed to be seen, so I started planning from there. The Colony Farm paths combined with a part of the PoCo Traboulay trail gave us our first cycle trip of the year and it was a splendid local adventure. So much so that we ended up going for another expedition the next day. 

Cycling can be logistically messy especially when you’d like to take the kids but if you dress everyone appropriately, bring a spare tub and a puncture kit (and know how to fix the puncture obviously), this could turn out to be one of the best family outing! 

For those of you who wish to experience the full joy of this healthy, eco-friendly way to travel, why not take it further and bike to work or school. You’ll be better for it.