Another Heartfelt Volunteer Commitment

We are excited to share our latest venture into the world of animal rescue – becoming CTRS fosters!

It all began with a simple post about black cats during Halloween that sent shockwaves through my heart. The realization of the cruel treatment these innocent creatures endure for entertainment left me horrified and moved to take action.

While our initial plan was always to raise another PADS puppy, we learned that there wouldn’t be any until 2024. So, we decided to open our home to foster cats in need of temporary shelter while awaiting adoption. One of our motivations was also to provide a companion for our beloved cat Luna, who we suspect misses her sibling Copper. Luna adores our attention but longs for furry playmates.

As novice foster parents, we soon discovered the strict rules about keeping foster cats separate from our own pets, primarily for medical reasons. This was a surprise, but we were already committed and determined to make a difference.

Last Sunday night we welcomed Lily and Ti Baby, two owner-surrendered cats. Fortunately, they appear to be in good health, alleviating some of our initial concerns. We’re thrilled to embark on this new journey and hope that Lily and Ti Baby find their forever homes quickly, allowing us to continue our mission of fostering and helping more feline lives. We have created an IG account to provide CTRS some contents to share with their followers but maybe you’d like to follow them/us too 😉 We are not sure yet as to what this account will look like but we do not intent to post much and share the deepest struggles. Anyway, the new account is @TheChristiesResort so feel free to follow us and perhaps even share what you would like to see.