A tour worth taking

Friday Sept 29 was the discovery of Metro Vancouver’s summer Asian food destination, the Richmond Night Market. Hundreds of different street-style gourmet eats, which included everything from classic dim sum to Asian-style tacos, bubble tea, Kyangneom to deep fried cheesecake, and much more.

Richmond, a suburb of Vancouver, has a very large Asian population whose active community started a night market over a decade ago. Like any market, the Richmond Night Market has a lots of stalls selling products but don’t expect your typical hand made crafts. This market is fascinating and features merchandises like superhero and Hello Kitty socks, blingy electronic covers, Easy Wring Spin Mop, color contact lenses etc. just random and amazing stuff.

For the agoraphobic though, it might not be the best place but for those who don’t mind a crowd and are looking for a unique experience, it’s definitely worth making the trip! 

Be adventurous and take a stroll to Richmond for the last weekend of the market. Open until 11 pm on Sunday Oct 9th, the market will tempt your tastebuds so make sure you’re hungry.