A Beautiful Afternoon of Wire Wickets

When was last time you played croquet? 

My colleagues and I asked ourselves exactly the same question before heading to the PoCo Community Foundation Annual Croquet tournament last Wednesday. 

Being pretty competitive by nature, I studied and familiarized myself with the game, as did my colleagues (well … after I sent them the rules and a few videos.) They may have smiled at my attempt to motivate them and to make sure that they were prepared, but I know that they also possess a fierce desire to win. I’d like to think that this is why we make such a good sales team. Who wants to be second when you can be first? I guess some people don’t mind.

We took the game seriously but we also participated in the tournament for a cause: The Port Coquitlam Community Foundation. The foundation raises funds to invest in local charities and projects that address the needs of the POCO community. 

We didn’t win but we did well and I even had a few very impressive shots/rounds. And it was all for the good cause!! 

This is a private event by invite to play only, but if you are interested to see, cheers and encourage the players, spectators are welcome. Don’t forget your perfectly white outfit if you can make it next year 😉