Controversy around Colour Your Hair to Conquer Cancer

I haven’t read much about this campaign but after viewing hundreds of adverts last month, I feel compelled to express my dismay. I apologize in advance to those who might not recognize the positive outlook that this blog page usually brings, as this one will take a different turn.

Yes, I am puzzled (and a little provoked) by this new Color To Conquer Campaign.

Well …
Why add a new massive cancer fundraising campaign right after the Cancer Awareness Month, the month when we’ve concentrated our efforts to give, to participate and to reach out?

Why use and dilute so many resources, funds, etc. for another “similar” campaign? Marketing campaigns like this one aren’t cheap and they are resource hungry.

And why colouring hair? I think we all know that one of the tough steps in the cancer journey is to lose one’s hair… so what are we trying to do here? Remind current cancer patients that they can’t take part in this campaign. No no, they can’t because they don’t have hair.

Oh and finally why promote the use of chemicals, against which there is no conclusive evidence that they do not contribute to the risk factors that can cause cancer? Why not something cleaner like ‘Cut your Hair to Conquer Cancer’, ‘Natural Wash Hair Day/Month to Conquer Cancer’, ‘Shave your Head to Conquer Cancer’ or even ‘Curl your Hair to conquer Cancer’ (but this one might take too much time, especially if we want to make those curls the old fashion way – again to keep it as natural as possible)?

I don’t know how you feel about this and I may be overreacting a little since I have just been served with 6 adverts back to back in a 60 min show, but I just don’t understand.

For those who are taking part of this campaign, I am not judging you and do realize that everyone wants to offer their support in different ways, but to the organizers of the campaign or the marketing manager at Princess Margaret CF – what went through your mind?

I do wish this campaign the very best though and hope that it gets as much money as possible so that we can continue to fight and keep searching for new, effective and more efficient treatments.

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