Paintings, by Numbers

To all the art collectors in the lower Mainland, you MUST go to the Paintings by Numbers event next year!! It was our second year and we loved the evening as much as the first time. This event is not only a fabulous time with food, drinks and friends but its concept is simply brilliant. Let me explain. As their main evening fundraiser, every year the Federation of Canadian Artists selects their best 65 to 70 artists and ask them if they would consider donating one of their original piece to the event. Ticket sales for the event are obviously limited to the number of works received and each ticket holder will leave the evening with a piece….but which one?

Throughout the evening, the MC draw random numbers which correspond to your ticket number. The ticket holder whose name is drawn first will have first choice of ANY of the donated works. The ticket holder whose name is drawn second will have a choice from the remainder and so on…..until all the names are drawn. Each ticket ($700 for 2 people) holder is assured ownership of one of the works displayed and each original piece is worth between $600 to $3,000….so it’s a no brainer!! For those who have a desire to own an original art but can’t really afford it, do consider this evening – you might end up with a Alan Wylie or Leanne Christie piece worth $3000+ for only $700. 

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