The Double Nature of People…

“True West,” the riveting theatre performance at the Cultch, brings Sam Shepard’s timeless 1980 tale of sibling rivalry to life in a way that leaves an indelible mark. Under the masterful direction of Julianne Christie, an accomplished actress and director with a wealth of experience, the play becomes an intense dark comedy that lingers in your thoughts.

While the premise may seem familiar, with themes of conflict between siblings, the execution sets this production apart. Christie’s extensive background shines through as the actors deliver performances that are nothing short of extraordinary. The palpable chemistry between the two main characters is electric, enveloping the audience in their complex relationship. Believability is the cornerstone here, and the actors pull it off with aplomb, evoking genuine emotions of eagerness, loss, and trouble.

Although some elements of the storyline may veer towards cliché, the sheer talent on display keeps the production fresh and engaging. “True West” currently playing at the Cultch is an emotional rollercoaster that keeps you captivating, so much so that if you do not have ticket(s) yet, you should strongly consider it and keep them now. It’s truly worth it and they only have 4 more nights.