I guess not everyone speaks French or learnt Latin

Since many of you don’t seem to understand the French word “quarantine“, let me help – it’s my first language after all ūüėČ 

Being in quarantine is the total isolation of someone who has a contagious disease or who may have been exposed to one, in an attempt to prevent the spread of the disease. Self-quarantine is a selfless act of kindness, thoughtfulness, and respect for others which is why I am still so disappointed to see (at least three) acquaintances being out & about after just being in the US. 

The US prides itself on being one of the most scientifically advanced countries, but as I write, it has performed the fewest tests per capita and the sluggish rollout of the tests has become a debilitating weakness. In addition, without universal health care, no paid sick leave and a percentage of the population being undocumented, many people living in America who have symptoms or who have been exposed to the virus, are reticent to get themselves tested even where the tests are available.  In other words, we don’t know how many Americans are now infected and the numbers could be far more than are currently reported.

Just because an area is not reporting the Covid-19 virus DOES NOT mean that the virus is not working its way through that area.  In addition, the picture we have today is only a snapshot of what was happening 7 – 10 days ago in that area and not the reality of the environment with which you are interacting today.

Is this point clear to those who have traveled in the US this past week? 

I know and realize that it must be hard if you have been asked to self-isolation, and I am truly sorry that you have to go through this but please stop, think…and simply stay at home. The individuals at risk of potentially spreading the virus and whom I have seen enjoying the outdoors in my own community, have their own backyards. So why not enjoying the sunshine in your own space? 

Don’t get me wrong, I think I would go “crazy” (like every single member of my family back home currently restricted from leaving their homes without a piece of paper), but if you care, just a little about others and about the elderly, do the right thing. 

And if this post isn’t enough to convince you, may I ask that you watch Micheal Bubl√©’s latest 2-minutes short video? He really gives you a good perspective when he says “Your grandparents were asked to go to war and all that you are being asked to do is to sit on the couch”. Pretty powerful, huh! 

Good luck to all of us – and thank you in advance for doing your part right ūüėČ 

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