International Artist Day – Oct 25

There are so many ways to celebrate International Artist Day, and my choice is to go to a play at the Cultch tonight!

Artists work to illuminate the margins and make societal changes, and they have the privilege of bringing the timeless dimensions of beauty and grace to humanity. October 25 is International Artist Day and it is intended to honor the contribution artists have made and I’d like to acknowledge some of my favorites:

PainterLeanne M Christie – without a doubt
Writer: I like Marc Levy & Stephen King but I also enjoy Khaled Hosseini’s style/powerful stories
Singer: I don’t think I can name just one (I love music too much), but Céline Dion is the first that comes to mind. It could easily be the excitement of going to see her perform at Rogers Arena on April 2020 or simply the fact that since a young age, I have always loved her voice. Also at the top of my chart is Whitney Houston, P!nk, Adele, Leona Lewis, Garou and Loren Allred (for her performance in the Greatest Showman)
Singer-songwriter: Lewis Capaldi & Ed Sheeran – I guess that’s the current influence but the long term French songwriters that I have always loved are Pascal Obispo and Jean Jacques Goldman
Film Actor: Again, it’s hard to name just one but I would go with Meryl Streep, Tom Hanks & Bruce Willis
Photographer: Chris Chong from Butter Studios
Poet: My amazing and talented father-in-law, Paul Christie even though I have often appreciated Oscar Wild
Stand up Comedian: Gad Elmaleh & Ali Wong – they have very different styles but I love both of their sense of humor
Film Producer: I’ll have to go with Sam Mercer for his movie the Sixth Sense…but there are so many more that I admire!
Violinist: Caroline Campbell who was featured at the Andrea Boccelli concert – she was just exceptional
Sculptor: The exceptional Joseph Chiang with Joseph Clay Arts
Web/Marketing designer: John Endo Greenaway
Dancer: I am going with my colleague little 4 yr old Fiona Dolsen – she is just the cutest 
Floral Designer: Patricia Navarro at Vivio Flowers and my good friend Catherine Polonio from Coquitlam Florist
Architect: I wouldn’t pretend to know much about architecture – so I’ll go with the person that design Montreal Biosphere (which we just visited) – Richard Buckminster Fuller
For those who know me well, it might be hard to believe but lately, I have been enjoying country music, so I shall acknowledge in this “category” Brett Young, Tyler Shaw & Luke Combs

I should probably stop here as I only meant for this article to be a couple of sentences. But please next time you hear someone saying that art isn’t “that” important, ask them all those questions…they might be surprised to realize how much art is in their lives.