Honda Celebration of Light Vancouver

If there is one event that defines summer in Vancouver, it’s the Honda Celebration of Light: three nights of the best fireworks displays you’ll ever seen.  Last night for the opening night, there were hundreds of thousands of people headed into downtown Vancouver to watch the USA performance.

Like most Vancouverite, I devote at least once night every year to enjoy this free and magnificent 25 minutes “show”. After stopping at La Belle Patate for a French-Canadian dinner, we slowly made our way to English bay and found a perfect stop right by the water.

The fireworks began promptly at 10:00 pm and music simulcast could be heard on the SHORE 104.3 FM. Despite our prime spot on the beach, it was very disappointing for our neighbors not to be able to enjoy the tunes chosen for this pyromusical performance. Issue that seems recurrent at the Vancouver’s biggest summer event and I am not too sure why organizers are not inviting everyone to bring their own device which would ensure each spectator a perfect experience. Our many participation’s at this event helped us anticipate the potential need and we were glad to have our iPods on us.

Two more performances are to be seen this year, so make sure you add them to your calendar:

  • Wednesday, July 30 France; F.C. Pyro

  • Saturday, August 2 Japan; Akariya Fireworks

The winning country will be announced Monday, August 4th

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