Golden Spike Can Can Dancers Pub night

Last night’s pub night fundraiser at Micky’s Public House on Golden Drive, was packed. The evening raised funds for the Golden Spike Can Can Dancers who perform at the Annual Port Moody Golden Spike Festival and for different groups and organizations throughout the year.

My 7 guests ensured a fabulous and FUN evening but I would not recommend Micky’s for a pub night with over 100 people. The pub corner booked for the event was so small that despite my reservation for 8, we were given a table for 4! I won’t detail my evening’s  gripes as the purpose of attending was to support an amazing group of women who are volunteering their time and energy to raise money for different local charities through their dance.  Sadly though, it was definitely not the best pub night that I’ve attended. 

I wish I could share some photos but unfortunately, one of the dancers injured herself that night and we were told during the evening that the Can Can performance was cancelled – hopefully you’ll be luckier next year!