French Consul of Vancouver talks about the Canada Europe Trade Agreement (CETA)

In May 2009, Canada and the EU announced the launch of negotiations toward a comprehensive economic and trade agreement (CETA). The first formal round of negotiations took place in October of that year and since then, the formal negotiating rounds have taken place quarterly. Canadian and EU officials are only a few weeks away from signing the agreement.

I went to the Chamber of Commerce francophone in Vancouver event on Tuesday morning to hear all about the impact, challenges and positive opportunities that arise from the implementation of the CETA.

The French consul of Vancouver, Mr Jean Christophe Fleury, was the guests speaker and he gave a thorough presentation in English which offered highlights from all of the chapters in the 500 pages agreement. 

I wish I could say that the meeting had essential information and that those who weren’t there, missed out but I would be lying. The presentation was very informative and Mr Fleury was a great speaker but I wish that the talk was more targeted towards the audience in the room. 

The presentation gave me a good understanding of the many benefits that Canada can expect from this agreement and the largest take away was the fact that our GDP could potentially increase by 0,8% – more than 10 billion dollars!

A concise document should be sent to us within few days and I would be happy to share the details with those who wish to know more.