Final Outcome is Here

Let’s first define success

What is the point of raising a PADS puppy?

Raising a balanced, engaged dog who changes lives and in the process gets to live their best life.

Is this what we mean when we say that a dog ‘made it’? Not really. Let’s ponder that phrase when we next use it only to refer to the dogs who have the privilege of wearing the blue vest. Its exclusive use undervalues the degree of work and self-control that our dogs put into their training.

Franz has been 100% committed to perfecting his skills, practicing self-control in tough situations, thinking through solutions to increase his kibble reward rate and most importantly, constantly tackling the things that make him scared. It may take a considerable period of time (months at times) but Franz has, as yet, never met a staircase that he has not conquered because he never gave up. It is deeply rewarding to watch him evaluate, take a deep breath and engage with a staircase when he is given the space and time to attempt the summit.

All PADS puppies ‘make it’ and then choose different streams. Franz made it! He put in two and a half years of Bootcamp and now he gets to choose how he changes a life. Congratulations Franz! Your village is proud of you and we look forward to being alongside you as you choose your VIP family.

And let’s now move to the thank you part of the awards ceremony 🙂 Franz would like to thank the entire #teamfranz for helping him all the way. #Teamfranz isn’t just Leanne and me, it’s:

  1. His breeder/caretaker and sponsor Lynn Randall and her family
  2. His trainers: Tracy and Dana
  3. His committed sitters and strong advocates: Kelly & Karen, Cliff & Rachel, Barb Smith, Yin Pang, Marie Devantier, Jessica Ferrari, Lori & Jonathan, Suzanne Hanson Rice & her family, Raffi McKillop, Karen Exley, Mary & Dave Amos,
  4. His other family during our puppy swaps: Derek & Heather Schofield, Gwyn Frazer Wright (and Cam) and Stephanie Goddard (and Ashley)
  5. The people at my work and in Leanne’s studio
  6. And last but definitely not least: the medical team and more specifically Kaylie Foster

Everyone has been instrumental in how far Franz has come we are so proud to be a part of that team.

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