Is skiing like riding a bike?

As we were seeking new, safe ways to get out of the house during this beginning of 2021, skiing came to mind.

I had only skied three weeks in my life which was in my early teens so let me just say that I was a little nervous to get back at it.  It turns out that skiing is just like riding a bicycle, you never really forget how to 😉

My niece who is a certified ski instructor took two days to teach me the basics again and it was enough to build my confidence. So much so that yesterday I went on my own for a last ‘run’ as the local resorts are closing their winter season today. What a bizarre way to have spend my afternoon. I don’t know yet if I liked it or if I would ever do it alone again but all I know is that I wanted to give it one last try and I did it!

It was only two and a half days of skiing this year but it feels like our family options for Winter 2021/2022 are wider.

If like me, you are looking at starting this fun and outdoor activity again, here are a few tips that I would have forgotten if my niece didn’t remind me:

  • Cut your toe nails short
  • Pack warm and waterproof clothing
  • Put on sun cream
  • Check your resort specific guidelines – especially during COVID-19
  • Ensure your gear is in proper working order
  • Stop when you are tired and have regular breaks throughout the day
  • Ski within your ability
    • Stay patient: I wanted to go on the ‘big’ slope right away, but my niece made me practice on the Bunny Hill for the entire first day so that I would feel in tune with the snow gear and trust my abilities & my body
    • Don’t forget and embrace your ‘pizza’ formation
    • Don’t be afraid of falling

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